About You

If you are intrigued by the themes touched on in this blog, any one or more of the below descriptions may fit your profile:


  • An over-achieving student fundamentally without a clear idea what to do with your life and career
  • An office worker who somehow does not feel quite at home in the cube you have been given (think “Truman Show”)
  • An office worker who knows you don’t belong where you are today and are looking for hope that there is more to life
  • Unemployed and hungry for new thoughts
  • Unemployed and angry that you have not been given what you deserve by the government
  • Excited about all the focus on opportunities to “do good” but not sure how to think about them
  • An entrepreneur or employer with the rare amount of time to take a step back to reflect on the meaning of what you’re doing
  • Someone who feels you should have done more with the time and resources you were given, but somehow has not gotten around to it yet
  • Looking to make a change – anywhere, anyhow, anything
  • Humble and honest enough to recognize you do not have all the (right) answers and looking for other points of view


  • Live by your ideals
  • Restore justice where it is currently absent
  • Genuinely help others who suffer
  • Earn good money
  • Be recognized
  • Consider yourself “successful”
  • Prove you are different (better?) from your parents
  • Outdo your peers in some dimension you all agree is important

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